Pressure Transducer Test

Another customer i worked with wanted to test a pressure transducer from 2000 psi to 6000 psi (great no big deal). Except the customer wanted it to go from 2000 to  6000 psi within 1 second and have .25 seconds of dwell time at each of the levels 1 million times; and the fluid on the pressure transducer needed to be at a 50 degrees C. This was accomplished by taking a motor and installing a custom Cam shaft that would roll on top of a piston pushing it up and down with a certain displacement. With this displacement the pressure would vary between 2000 and 6000 psi while have the needed dwell times. A 2000 psi reservoir was also added to the system to replace the very little fluid that would drain out with every stroke. The pressure transducer was then installed into a heated block and kept at temperature with a PID controller. Design and build time just over 2 weeks, in which I performed all the fabrication.

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