Pixy Dust and Unicorn Testing

I have experience designing and performing what can be best described as pixy dust and unicorn testing. These made up tests that normal people want absolutely nothing to do with was my every day life for 3 years. One such example was a customer wanted to push air through a fan (sure no big deal). Except that inside air needed to reverse direction every 15 minutes and go from 90 degrees C down to -50C in two minutes, then go back up to 90C two minute ramp rate after the cycle finished; and the outside air also had to vary to different temps at the same time. This was all to be performed while adjusting the air flow to match the needed inlet pressure and outlet pressure around their unit. Due to the extreme temperature changes air flow had to be constantly adjusted by a PID controller I designed inside lab view which was also monitoring and running the entire test. This test setup had several hurdles I had to figure out, but to sumĀ  it up; it was accomplished by 30 feet of reheat pipe, 40 amps of heaters, a Voltage Frequency Drive on a large air blower, 8 liquid nitrogen doers, 4 controllable butterfly valves, a large thermal chamber to control outside temperature of the unit, pressure transducers, relay modules, voltage modules, a lot of wire, and labview coding. A little icing on the cake, they needed 2 months of testing to take place over just 2 weeks, so this test setup had to run 24×7 instead of just 8 hours a day.